lwsm_leonard-butt_4376Sculptor, student, teacher. This trinity at the heart of Leonard’s artistic practice emerges from a passion for art, people, and the relationships that connect—and reveal—their inner nature. His work in ceramics and bronze includes “Conjunctio”, “Night Journey,” “Game Pieces,” “Narcissus,” “Le Sacre du Printemps / Asparagus Envy,” “Diego’s Passion,” “Sunrise-Margaret’s Bay,” and “Uchi.” As a lifelong student of contemporary sculpture, Leonard continues to draw inspiration from the work of Constantin Brancusi, Isamu Noguchi, Marino Marini, and Jim Dine. And as an art teacher for over twenty years at a local independent school, Leonard nurtures an artistic attitude that seeks to balance the dynamics of learning, teaching and practice in every student. He believes this invariably leads to a perspective where many new ideas and possibilities can emerge.

How They First MetThe Thoughts That Quietly Shape UsThoughts Like FishesUchiConjunctioCatching IdeasWe DanceSir Hector’s CurseUntitled Piece 1Untitled Piece 2Untitled Piece 3Untitled Piece 4Untitled Piece 5Untitled Piece 6Untitled Piece 7Untitled Piece 8Untitled Piece 9Untitled Piece 10Untitled Piece 11Untitled Piece 12Untitled Piece 13Untitled Piece 14Untitled Piece 15Untitled Piece 16Untitled Piece 17Untitled Piece 18PortaWhat the Fish Had to SayWhat the Fish Had to Say (2nd version)The Rabbit Man

Much of my recent sculptural work deals with relationships; the interrelationship of forms of course, but also in my choice of archetypal images (man, woman, house and fish) that become a vehicle for portraying roles and identity. Sculptural form allows me to explore, through character, gesture and proximity, our sense of place. And also how these arrangements may shift to create tension, then harmony, striving to find new arrangements in order to coexist.

– Leonard Butt